Museum of the history of the resort

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      Without a past is no future. Curator of the past is a museum. Historical museum of the resort " Yangan-Tau" reflects the history of creation, formation and development of the resort, ranging from the distant past to the present time.

In 1977 - the 40th anniversary of the resort - Rashit Shagabutdinovich Akbashev, chief physician of the resort at that time , the first museum of the resort was created.

On the 75th anniversary of the " Yangan-Tau" museum was recreated at the initiative of Engels Varisovich Kulmuhametov. In honor of this significant date marble bust of Geniatulla Nigmatullovich Teregulov , founder and first head of the resort (author - Honored Artist of the RSFSR and the Republic of Tatarstan Bucky Idrisovich Urmanche) was restored.

Employees of National Museum of the Republic of Bashkortostan Anatoly and Michael Melentyevs and Anatoly Fadeev were invited for the reconstruction of the museum. Scientific and biographical materials were collected by specialist of advertising and information services Alexey Teterin . Despite the fact that the museum of the resort works a little more than 2 years , it managed to get a lot of guests of honor : the delegation of the Republic of Estonia ; Space veterans Kovalyonok Vladimir, Filipchenko Anatoly, Igor Petrovich Volk; four-time champion of the Paralympic Games Irek Zaripov and others. A special place among the honored guests of the resort occupies President of Russian Union gunsmiths , a legendary figure - Mikhail Kalashnikov.

Pupils from the region and the republic - frequent visitors to the museum history of the resort . Familiarity with the history of the younger generation is very important for understanding the present .

A picturesque figure of the old man meets guests of the museum from the threshold. What the old man? Several hundred years ago, the amazing effects of Yangan-Tau Mountain were found out by a local shepherd who decided to be covered from rain in a small pit by the roots of an old tree on Karakosh-Tau slope. Suddenky he noticed warm steam coming up from the bottom of the pit. And very soon, after having spent several nights in the dug-out he felt himself much better – the pains in his joints that have been tormenting him for many years passed away. Shortly after, other local residents started to heal their diseases with the mountain warms. Since then, the mountain called "Yangantau, which translated from the Bashkir means "burning."

Russian Symposium on stone sculptors from all over the country gathered famous artists of Russia held as part of the 75th anniversary of the resort. Along with sculptures dedicated to the amazing properties of the mountains, nature of Bashkortostan and folklore of Bashkir people , and granite figure of the shepherd that adorns the cultural landscape in geothermal output was restored. Historical museum of the resort " Yangan-Tau" reflects the history of the resort , ranging from the distant past to the present time. The portrait of the famous German scientist Peter Simon Pallas has found its place in the museum. The first mention of "hot steam" in the literature was in 1773 in the book by Petr Simon Pallas, "Travels along different provinces of the Russian Empire." In 1770 during an expedition to the territory of Bashkortostan Pallas on the way from Ufa to Chelyabinsk was visited Mountain Yangantau.In may 26, 1770 he wrote in his diary: «"Very thin, hot steam trembling against the sun is coming out from the open clefts and it is impossible to touch it by hand and when you throw birch barks or dry wooden chips they are caught by the flame immediately, and when there is a bad weather and dark nights it seems like a thin red flame or fire ball with some meters high."».  

In 1881, scientist Theodosius Nikolaevich Chernyshev did the first measures the temperature of steam coming out of the ground , devotes range of scientific works the study mountain. His work gave rise to the scientific study of the unique mountain Yangantau .

The museum has a lot of attention to the person Geniatulla Nigmatullovich Teregulov. Opening Experimental Station on Mount Yangantau in 1937, development of the first methods of treatment , indications and contraindications , study of the effectiveness of treatment , its scientific basis , the development of "Yangan-Tau " from a small hospital to the resort is connected with his name.

There is devoted a great place of history of the Bashkir people , the image of their life and culture in the museum. Center of museum decorates multifaceted post displaying seven Bashkir legends and symbols tribes and clans that reflect the history , life and outlook of the people. For resort guests the opportunity to get acquainted with such literary monuments Bashkir literature , epics as "Ural Batyr", "Akbuzat", "Zayatulyak and Hyuhylyu", "Kara Jurga." Guests from other regions of Russia are all very interesting: the clothes, dishes, and customs and traditions . Bashkir musical instruments do not leave anyone indifferent. Among the guests there are many people who want to learn to play kubyz and kurai.

One room of the museum is dedicated to the flora and fauna of the Salavat area. This area is of particular interest among the visitors of the museum. Here you can see the bear and moose , wolf and lynx and other animals and birds.

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A separate exhibition devoted to awards and gifts of resort. In 1987 recognized as the best resort in the USSR , was awarded three Red Banner , which in 1989 was in a resort and also represented in the museum. And nowadays resort "Yangan-Tau" is considered one of the best resorts of Russia, as evidenced by the All-Russian diplomas forums and contests.

Within 75 years, more than twenty doctors directing the work of the resort. The name of each of them pointed at the stands , and their portraits adorn the museum.

Individual stands devoted Great Patriotic War veterans and veterans of the resort. To its veterans are treated with special care and love in the resort. As president of the Veterans Council , chief physician of the resort in 1962 - 1994 years Akbashev Rashid Shagabutdinovich: "Nothing is given so cheap and appreciated so expensive as the care ."