Towards the 80th anniversary !

      Dear friends! April 2, 2017 we will celebrate the 80th anniversary of our resort.

Постановление 1937.jpg   Ген.jpg   Дома где проводил иследования Терегулов_4.jpg
             Постановление ЦИК БАССР.             Г.Н.Терегулов                                       Первые корпуса. 1937год
                       2 апреля 1937 года              основатель санатория

      Anniversary - a significant date, which should keep in mind a lot of pleasant experiences. Our task is to prepare the holding of such an important event.
      In connection with this event is planned for a number of competitions for everyone, such as poetry competition about the resort, photo contest, a contest slogan for the anniversary of the resort.
      Preparing for the anniversary of the resort will be accompanied by books, albums. The Organizing Committee will be happy to your ideas and help. With your participation an event gets more organized, complete and fun.

вид с верху.jpg