Production cluster

     Multifaceted activities of the resort «Yangan -Tau» include the development of their own production and sales of these products through the trading network of the resort. But the main objective is the development of production facilities catering department providing fresh, quality products and cooking mainly from own production.
       For the production of own manufacture using high quality raw materials grown and produced in environmentally friendly conditions of animal husbandry Salavat area.
Products of "Yangan-Tau" are of high quality. It is produced under the supervision of highly qualified engineers and specialists under the careful supervision of testing laboratory of resort.


Own production of resort "Yangan-Tau" has repeatedly been featured in national and Russian competitions:
«Best products of Bashkortostan» 
2010 - diploma of katyk marked "Favorite "
2012 - diploma of cheese marked  "Adyghe ";
2013 - finalist diploma marked " Corot fat " and " boiled- smoked Kazylyk ."
2013 - "Chuck-chuck" was awarded a gold medal, "Best Product of the exhibition" in XIX specialized exhibition " BashProdEKSPO. Packaging - 2013."
All-Russian contest "100 best goods of Russia"
2010 - diploma of katyk marked "Favorite " with fat content of 0.3 % ;
2012 - diploma of cheese marked " Adyghe " .