"Yangan-Tau" resort stands for a healthy and active lifestyle. The resort creates excellent conditions for sport activities.

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Health and Recreation Center
Gym and sports halls equipped by international standards.Here you can play basketball, table tennis, volleyball, indoor soccer,badminton. Operates an outdoor tennis court, a beach volleyball court, play skittles. The resort operates rental services of sports equipment : curly and hockey skates, sleds , ski and cross-country skiing, snowboarding , volleyball , football , basketballs , roller skates , scooters , bicycles, chess and checkers sets badminton , skittles , darts , and table tennis .

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Skiing complex "Berkut"

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      Sports hall Riding on cycle

Ski trail
Ice rink
Winter sports
  • Ski trail equipped with ski lift (length - 400 meters)
  • Illuminated roller trail (length - 1.5 km.)
  • Ski trail (length - 3 km.)
  • Hockey Box (November-March)
  • Ice rink (November-March)

Guests will enjoy Russian baths and sauna with a cooling pool filled in with spring mineral water from Kurgazak.

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                                                                            Sauna                                                                                                                    SPA-center

We can organize guided tours to the sights of the Salavat area, rafting on the rivers Yuryuzan,Ai, hiking in the caves, walking terrenkur route "Golden Ring" pull-down stairs 1,000 steps.

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                             Tour of the Salavat area                                                                                            Rafting on the river "Ai"

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                               Tour to cave Ignatievskoe                                                                                              Terrenkur "Golden Ring"


On the territory of the resort complex there is an artificial pond. In summer you can enjoy swimming, boating and catamaran sailing. We organized trout fishing for you. All the caught fish will be cooked on charcoal by our skilled cooks.

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                                                                       Trout                                                                                                                   Winter fishing