Natural therapeutic factors

Thermal steam and gases

Thermal steam and gases used in the resort for treatment. They are rising from the natural bowels of Yangantau Mountain and from the various depths.

7___Паровая туман.jpg
 The observation deck on the valley of the river "Yuryuzan" 
Source «Kurgazak»

Source " Kurgazak " is one of the most famous in the South Urals . Is 3 km south of the resort " Yangan Tau" on the left slope of the river valley Yuryuzan .

                                                                                 Source " Kurgazak "
Bioclimatic resources

Bioclimatic resources of the resort «Yangan-Tau» has a full range of resort and recreational landscape factors

Bird's-eye view of resort "Yangan-Tau" and river Yuryuzan