Products pouring water sourse "Kurgazak"



    Mineral water dining "Kurgazak" has high quality worthy to take a leading position in terms of implementation of the population of the Russian Federation. The volume of production of mineral water "Kurgazak" is more than 1.5 million bottles per month; water is poured into the bottle capacity: 0.5 l., 1.1 l., 1.5 l., 5 l. Production shop for bottling mineral water "Kurgazak" is located in the immediate vicinity of the source, so the water retains all the medicinal properties. The shop includes the finished goods warehouse, storage of materials and components, mechanical workshop, boiler room, office. There are three lines of pouring water. The shop works more than 80 people total production area - 1008 m2.

     Mineral water "Kurgazak" is in great demand not only in the Republic of Bashkortostan, but also in other regions of Russia (Chelyabinsk, Sverdlovsk, Kurgan, Perm, Orenburg, Tyumen regions, Moscow and Moscow region, Republic of Tatarstan). 

     Water passed sanitary - epidemiological expertise and state registration, meets SanPin (" Hygienic requirements for safety and nutritional value of foods" and TU 9185-001-02582118-04 "Natural mineral water "Kurgazak ") and bottled with regulatory compliance and technological instructions. PET bottles and products "Kurgazak" certified.