Mud therapy center


In September 2012 mud therapy center began operating in the resort "Yangan-Tau". This center is very important for the resort. The resort "Yangan-Tau" is the unique Russian health resort having all balneologic factors - thermal natural steam, mineral water "Kurgazak " , climatotherapy , silt sulfide mud.

Mud treatments in the center are carried out with unique silt sulfide mud Saki Lake, which is located on the west coast of the Crimea. Assigned only in the form of applications in a day and as additional procedures not included in the cost of tour.

In mud therapy center are also other procedures

strengthening effect of balneotherapy :

- Full body massage

- Full body massage with aromatic oils

- Spanish massage

- The original Thai massage

- Thai foot massage and calf

- Oil massage

- Stone massage

- Soapy massage

- Thermotherapy (paraffin- ozocerite baths)

- Mud therapy (mud baths with cakskoy)

- Oxygen cocktail

These procedures are not included in the price.