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Answers of guests frequently asked questions about tours by multi-channel phone:

1. Can I pay a tour by cash on arrival at the resort?Tour to the resort "Yangan-Tau" you can paid by bank transfer to any bank of your place of residence. Payment is made on the account, which specialists of sale of tours of the resort expose for you on your written request.
2. Can I book a ticket by the phone?Tours to the resort "Yangan-Tau" is able to book only by prior written request.
3. How to send a request for tour to resort?You need to send a request to the email address [email protected] or by fax +7 (34777) 28-506. Set the required details: arrival date, number of days, the case number, room category name, cell phone number, your e-mail or fax. We will invoice you. You pay this account in any bank during 10 days. With the paid account on the day of arrival you will write a ticket. 100% prepayment.All prices, examples of online applications and the number of rooms available at our website:
4. Can I pay a tour for the summer in the winter as a lower "winter" price?No, you can't. Tour for the summer are paid according to approved "daylight pricelist" or at a contract price.
5. What is a "contract" prices?This is price list for tours, which operates throughout the year, including at a time when seasonal prices is not installed. Contract prices are slightly higher than seasonal. If a ticket purchased at contract prices, taking into account the allocation of the approved price list for this season is not done.
6. What are different Touristic and Healthy complex?Healthy complex is located 3 kilometers from the resort on the banks of the river "Yuryuzan." The complex consists of 6 single storey detached pavilions. In each pavilion about 10 rooms. The rooms are single, double and family, 12 sqm. There are fridge, TV, kettle, hairdryer, small hallway, bathroom with tub in the room. Separately from the pavilions is a dining room and a medical center. Meals is organized by the "a la carte." 6 treatments are includes in the price. 4 treatments are mineral aroma baths, physiotherapy on the problem area, classical massage the problem area, fitotherapy. This treatments you'll pass in the complex, on the natural thermal baths and steam. You will drive to the main resort (bus carries scheduled every 2 hours for free) . In the price for stays of wellness complex NOT include swimming in the pool, PROCEDURES FOR RELAXATION OF THE NERVOUS SYSTEM (it possible purchased procedure separately, but they also spend in the resort).Tourist Complex - located 1.5 km from the main buildings. The complex is located in a picturesque place, situated near the Hippodrome and tourism routes, so living there, you can combine treatment and leisure. The pavilion is a two-storey building first floor brick, second wood. The rooms are small, stylized village house (walls with wooden beams), bathroom sink and a toilet, shower are located on the ground floor - common to all rooms. Meals are served in the pavilion by the " a la carte." All treatments receiving physician performed in a resort. In resort minibus carries to resort, the travel time of 3-5 minutes. The cost of treatment includes the following procedures:1. Climatotherapy. Aeroionization natural air, high concentrations of light ions carries an increased oxygenation of the lungs, improve immunity and enhance the functional activity.2. Therapeutic exercising.3. Drink of mineral water "Kurgazak." Water is a diuretic, cleanses the kidneys and stomach from pathological mucus and inflammatory cells.4. Thermal steam is natural, out of the mountains Yangantau wells have multi-element composition ( zinc, calcium, humus substances, etc. ), and have anti-inflammatory and bio-stimulating effect in diseases of the musculoskeletal system , the genitourinary system, peripheral and central nervous system , peripheral vascular disease of the respiratory and upper respiratory tract .5. Physiotherapy on problem areas.6. Phytotherapyby Bashkir herbs.7. Classic massage by zones. 8. Procedures for relaxation of the nervous system (aromatherapy or electro sleep).9. Therapeutic swimming in the pool with mineral water "Kurgazak" with underwater massage jets and physiotherapy in water
7.  Need I buy tour to the treatment will most effective for how long?Minimum period of treatment, valid for the effectiveness of treatment is 12 days. The optimal treatment is period of 14-16 days. Classical spa treatment is 18-21 days.

8. Is it necessary to have a sanatorium card?Yes, it is. You must have sanatorium card form 072-y. The treatment without survey data is not assigned. Expiration date of sanatorium card is 2 months. You can make sanatorium in the resort (procedure is paid - complete blood count, urinalysis, electrocardiogram, heart, consulting urologist for men and women to a gynecologist, dermatologist consultation). To assign the most effective treatment from the first day and for your comfort, it is better to get test in your place of residence.
9. Can I stay at the resort “Yangan-Tau” with children up to 1 year?
      According to the guidelines, approved by the Russian Ministry of Health on 14 December 1996 № 95/97, in resorts and health care facilities, designed for simultaneous treatment of children and their parents, accepted children aged 4 to 16 years. 
   1. On the basis of that document children up to 1 year are not accepted in the resort! 
   2. Children aged 1 to 4 years are taken to the resort under the following conditions: 
      a. With a certificate of health epidemiological, vaccination certificate, birth certificate. Without these documents, the children will not be accepted in the resort. 
      b. Child from 1 to 4 years purchased a tour. In the price for children aged 1 to 4 years are includes accommodation, meals, consulting pediatrician and ingestion of mineral water "Kurgazak". Other types of the resort procedures (including balneotherapy) for children under 4 years are contraindicated and not appointed. Also, children from 1 to 4 years is not assigned to the pool! 
      с. In case of acute conditions and other emergency situations, emergency aid in the form of intravenous injection and infusion therapy is carried out in the Central Regional Hospital in Maloyaz under the supervision of a pediatrician of hospital.
      d. In the resort baby cots for children is not provided. 
      e. In the nursery of the resort accepts children from 3 to 8 years. 
   3. Parents are responsible for their children and are required to monitor their behavior in order to safe, healthy relaxation and comfort of the children and others. 
   4. For the period receiving procedures parents must use the services of a child's room, or leave their children under the supervision of another capable person. The patient, who came to the procedure with a child from 1 to 4 years old, this procedure is not allowed. Resort is not responsible for minors unattended legal representatives. 
   5. Children up to 10 years in pavilion number 6 is not populated.

10. Can I buy a tour to the resort "Yangan-Tau" without treatment, only to rest?
No, you can't. The resort "Yangan-Tau" licensed as a treatment facility. Therefore, the implementation of hotel services in the resort is not provided. It is implemented only tour, which includes treatment, food and accommodation, so the resort does not provide a rest without treatment or with the acquisition of certain procedures. Restorative treatment based on standards approved by the Russian Ministry of Health. Standards require complex of treatment, ensuring the effectiveness of rehabilitation, we promise our guests, so we accept the treatment conditions on the acquisition of a full package of procedures.
11. Is it possible accommodation in the resort with pets?The resort "Yangan-Tau" - a treatment facility, so accommodation with pets is prohibited.
12. Is there parking for private cars in the resort?There are protected and are not paid covered parking for guests in the resort, touristic and healthy complexes.
13. Which pavilion has a room with a large double bed for two adults?Room with a king-size bed (bed width 180 cm) has in the following pavilions of the resort "Yangan-Tau": single family room in pavilion number 1, a single - in pavilion number 2, a single room in pavilion number 3. Room with a big-size bed (bed width 140 cm) - has in single rooms of pavilions 4-5 in single small-sized rooms in pavilion 2.
14. Which pavilion has a room where can accommodate a family: two adults and two children?The most convenient, but more expensive option would be to place in a lux room or cottage (the cottage across the street to go to the dining room and on treatment) with two rooms - a bedroom with a large double bed and a room with a sofa bed for children. Also available are single family room in one package - one room with a big-bed and a sofa bed for children.
15. Can I stay in the resort without food or purchase separately for breakfast, lunch and dinner?No, you can't. It is implemented only tour, which includes accommodation, three meals a day and treatment.
16. Is there a swimming pool in the resort?There is a swimming pool with mineral water "Kurgazak" 12 m wide and 25 m long in the medical-diagnostic complex and swimming pool with mineral water "Kurgazak" width of 7 m and a length of 15 in the pavilion number 6.
17. Are there kettles in the rooms?There are a kettle, hairdryer, safe, fridge and TV in all rooms of the resort.
18. Is it possible buy kursovka for treatment in the resort?No it isn't, implementation of kursovka is not provided in the resort.    19. What checkout time of arrival and departure in the resort?Check-in time is 24.00 in the resort, but for convenience it is possible to call the day before the beginning of the tour after 20.00. In this case, dinner is available for a fee. Check-out is 24.00 the last date specified in the permit.
20. Is there an age restriction for adults in the resort?It is necessary to have a sanatorium card with a full medical research for the elderly 75 years.
21. At what time can I call on the phone to the resort?Calls of multi-channel phone are accepted from Monday to Saturday from 7.00 to 21.00 (MSK)Saturday: 7.00 to 13.00 (MSK), Sunday - answers to questions by e-mail.